Cow’s Milk, Plant Milks and Growth in Children

New research from Canada found that kids who don’t drink cow’s milk are shorter than those who do. It’s a finding that makes for some sensational headlines but the study itself is not all that exciting. This was a cross-sectional study of 5,034 children between the ages of two and six years (average age was […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Vegan Nutrition (Plus a Few Words about Vitamin B12)

My friend Erik Marcus recently invited me to write an introduction to vegan nutrition for his website In his weekly newsletter, Erik wrote about why he feels so strongly about providing solid nutrition information for vegans. One of the most important and most neglected topics in all of veganism is our high recidivism rate—the […]

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Even Vegans Die: A Book for Animal Advocates

Guilt and shame are common reactions for vegans who get sick. Our diet is all too often portrayed as a way to get skinny and stay bulletproof against disease. Vegans who don’t reap those outcomes sometimes wonder if there is a place for them in our community of animal advocates. These kinds of issues have […]

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Science Matters – for Vegans and Everyone Else

It’s sometimes exasperating to advocate for science-based vegan nutrition in a world where many vegans prefer to rally around hype, hyperbole, and conspiracy-driven drama. But, when I whined about this on Facebook last week, the reaction was downright heartening. What I heard from my community is that I’m not alone in this concern. And that […]

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7 Tips for Sticking With Your New Vegan Diet

Happy New Year plus two weeks give or take a few days. According to the people who investigate these things, a lot of New Year’s resolutions are starting to fall by the wayside. Many who vowed to give a vegan diet a try might find their resolve weakening just about now. I shared a few […]

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Vegan Betrayal: More Myths from an Ex-Vegan

Please take a peek at my new article on the Science Based Medicine website. You may recall that I criticized the website back in July for their review of the book Vegan Betrayal. I hadn’t actually read the book at the time, however. I’ve done so now and I asked them to consider sharing a […]

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The Sexual Politics of Dairy

Early last summer I asked readers of this blog to share their personal experiences with chronic disease either as comments here or privately via email. Thank you to everyone who responded. Those stories and perspectives were extremely valuable for a book I’ve been working on which will be published in the spring of 2017. Stay […]

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Taking Responsibility for the Health of Vegan Children

No doubt you’ve heard about the legislator in Italy who is proposing to make it illegal to raise kids as vegans. Italian lawmaker Elvira Savino wants to see jail sentences of up to seven years for parents who feed their children only plant foods. The proposed bill describes veganism as “a diet devoid of elements […]

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How “Science-Based Medicine” Gets Vegan Diets Wrong

The latest book to capitalize on anti-veganism is by science writer Mara Kahn (and, yes, of course, she’s also an ex-vegan). It’s called Vegan Betrayal: Love, Lies and Hunger in a Plants Only World. I can’t comment much on the book since I haven’t read it. But I can comment on a review of the […]

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Are You a Vegan with a Chronic Disease? Tell Me Your Story

Almost exactly three years ago, I asked blog readers to tell me their stories about going vegan after the age of 50. The feedback I received—almost 200 comments and emails—were an amazing source of information and inspiration for Never Too Late to Go Vegan (which, by the way, is available this month for e-readers for […]

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