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Giving Up Dairy is a Good Idea. And It’s Easier than You Think

Giving Up Dairy is a Good Idea. And It’s Easier than You Think

According to social media, Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar acceptance speech has a lot of people asking whether it might be a good idea to ditch dairy. The answer is yes. In the name of compassion and justice, dropping dairy foods from your menus is a very good idea.

Farmers insist that dairy cows live happy, protected lives. They share photos and videos that certainly make it look like the cows on small farms are content. But every single one of those cows and every single one of their calves eventually goes to slaughter. Some are sick and weak when they are loaded onto trucks. They might travel through several livestock auctions before they reach the slaughterhouse. They may travel for long distances without food or water. And they are forced to stand for hours on end.

Even under the best of circumstances, cows prefer not to stand for long periods. And these are not the best of circumstances since a high percentage of cows who are sick or have joint problems and lameness are sent to slaughter. There is no question ... Read More >


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