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On Privilege, Priorities, and Processed Foods in Vegan Diets

On Privilege, Priorities, and Processed Foods in Vegan Diets

Lately it seems that every restaurant chain is scrambling to add some type of vegan meat to their menu. And these new products are so excellent that they appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Is this good news for vegans, or are we all going to suddenly keel over and die now that we can eat fast food just like the rest of America? Detractors, including some plant-based diet advocates, are quick to point out the processed nature of the new burgers. They say people are being led astray if they believe that these are healthy alternatives. Some even suggest that the health of vegans is suffering because of all the new vegan products on the market.

But, it’s not like there have never been vegans with heart disease and cancer before veggie burgers came along. Nor is the availability of processed vegan foods some new phenomenon. Oreos have been vegan for 25 years. Potato chips have been vegan since forever. When I worked for PCRM back in 1990, we cooked up Boca Burgers (made from soy protein isolate) in ... Read More >


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