Good Stories and Good Food for Vegan Thanksgiving Activism

The graphic to the left is based on a billboard and poster campaign from Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, a Colorado-based vegan-advocacy group and sanctuary for rescued farmed animals. When I posted it on my facebook page a few weeks ago, it clearly resonated with many people, given the number of shares it received. In fact, when [...]

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Vegan Thanksgiving is Easy and Traditional

Finding recipes for a fabulous vegan Thanksgiving feast is not exactly a challenge. My own Vegan Thanksgiving board on pinterest is quickly filling up with all kinds of delectable dishes that I will probably never make. The reason I won’t make them is that I tend to be very traditional regarding Thanksgiving dinner. I want [...]

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Vegan for Her “TV” Launches: Creating Healthy Menus with the Plant Plate

Get ready for Vegan for Her TV! It’s kind of a fancy way of describing a fun new project that JL and I are working on. We’ll be doing a series of live broadcasts (with videos uploaded to You Tube for later viewing) via Google+ hangouts. Assuming that I can get the microphone on my [...]

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7 Reasons to Eat Meat? Here Is Why They Are All Wrong

In some ways, it’s good news when someone writes another article about “why we should eat meat.” The arguments are so weak that it just reinforces the truth: meat eating can’t be defended. The most recent of these pieces lists seven reasons why writer Christina Sterbenz “refuses” to stop eating meat. So, let’s look at [...]

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Vegan Diets for Healthy Bones

My last post addressed a common myth about protein and bone health—probably the most widely disseminated myth in the vegan community. In contrast to long-held beliefs, current thinking is that protein either has little impact on bone health or it might have some small benefits. This suggests that the lower protein intake of vegans and [...]

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Calcium and Protein and Bone Health in Vegans

There is good evidence that vegan diets can prevent heart disease and they are likely to lower risk for cancer as well. But does going vegan improve your bone health? I see some post or infographic in social media nearly every week claiming that a vegan diet protects against osteoporosis. The theory is that animal [...]

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Zinc and Cadmium in Vegan Diets

Jack just added some new information about the metal cadmium to the VeganHealth website. His interest in the topic stemmed from a 2006 study from the Slovak Republic. The researchers found that vegans had higher levels of cadmium in their blood compared to both meat-eaters and lacto-ovo vegetarians. Levels were higher in those who had [...]

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Vegan Diets and Heart Health

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) publishes—in addition to their peer-reviewed journal—a glossy bi-monthly magazine with short articles on food and nutrition topics. It’s a nice magazine (although needless to say, the content doesn’t always make me very happy.) The latest issue is devoted to vegan diets. I was invited to write an 800-word [...]

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It’s Never Too Late to Go Vegan

When I requested stories from readers who had gone vegan after the age of 50, I expected to hear from maybe 10 or 20 people. It was a surprise—a very nice one—to have close to 100 responses within 24 hours of publishing my request.  And they continue to trickle in. I’ve been gathering this information [...]

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Are You an Over-50 Vegan? Tell Me Your Story

For a project I’m working on for next year, I’m hoping to chat with people who are vegan (or transitioning to veganism) and are over the age of 50. I’d especially like to hear from you if you started your transition to veganism after the age of 50. Please tell me why you went vegan, [...]

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