Grains in Vegan Diets: No, They Won’t Make You Fat or Sick

With the exception of some raw foods vegans, almost all of the vegans I know eat grains. If any of the fear mongering around these foods has any basis, it’s a wonder we’re all still alive and that many of us are thriving. At the center of the anti-grain campaign is Dr. William Davis, author [...]

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Potassium in Vegan Diets: Less Kale, More Beans?

It’s not surprising that vegetarians and vegans tend to have higher intakes of potassium compared to omnivores. One simple dietary change—replacing the meat in a recipe with any type of beans—can give potassium intake a healthy boost. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we vegans always get enough, though. In fact, while it’s far easier to [...]

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Plant Protein: Why Vegan Diets Need Beans

If you subscribe by email to this blog, you may have received a post about calcium and protein and bone health last week. I’m not sure why since that post was published last August. But it worked out to be okay that it popped up out of nowhere. It’s actually a reasonable segue to this [...]

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What Does a Vegan Dietitian Eat?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Laziest Vegans in the World about my favorite convenience foods this week. This fun website is “a tribute to vegan pre-packaged food.” I’m glad that these foods exist, especially for those who are reluctant to try veganism because they think it’s too hard or that there [...]

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Soy Isoflavones, Benefits of Beans, and Mediterranean Foods for Vegans

The title for this post has a lot of stuff packed into it, but I wanted to share some articles I’ve been writing elsewhere about plant foods and health. Mostly, I’ve got beans on the brain these days. I gave a presentation on beans and health at last year’s Sixth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition [...]

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Never Too Late to Go Vegan: The Book!

Back in June of last year, I shared news about my upcoming book Never Too Late to Go Vegan. I’m happy and excited to announce that the book is finished and shipping from booksellers in the next few weeks. My co-authors are Patti Breitman, a former literary agent and current vegan activist and educator, and [...]

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Vegan, DASH, Mediterranean—Which Diet is Best?

U.S. News recently published their report on the best diets for 2014. The ratings were based on factors like nutritional adequacy, ease of compliance, and effectiveness for weight control or managing chronic diseases. Not surprisingly, eating patterns like the DASH diet and a traditional Mediterranean diet scored high. These are two dietary patterns that have [...]

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Good Stories and Good Food for Vegan Thanksgiving Activism

The graphic to the left is based on a billboard and poster campaign from Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, a Colorado-based vegan-advocacy group and sanctuary for rescued farmed animals. When I posted it on my facebook page a few weeks ago, it clearly resonated with many people, given the number of shares it received. In fact, when [...]

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Vegan Thanksgiving is Easy and Traditional

Finding recipes for a fabulous vegan Thanksgiving feast is not exactly a challenge. My own Vegan Thanksgiving board on pinterest is quickly filling up with all kinds of delectable dishes that I will probably never make. The reason I won’t make them is that I tend to be very traditional regarding Thanksgiving dinner. I want [...]

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Vegan for Her “TV” Launches: Creating Healthy Menus with the Plant Plate

Get ready for Vegan for Her TV! It’s kind of a fancy way of describing a fun new project that JL and I are working on. We’ll be doing a series of live broadcasts (with videos uploaded to You Tube for later viewing) via Google+ hangouts. Assuming that I can get the microphone on my [...]

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