Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and he is not the world’s easiest guy to shop for. I got him a classic Led Zeppelin CD (the one with Stairway to Heaven on it) and I know he’ll love that, and also a pair of gloves which he badly needs.

I also picked up a gift card to Subway, and I suspect this will be his favorite present. He loves their Veggie Delight sub, and since the burger they use is vegan, I’ll probably let him buy me dinner with his gift card at least once.

I steer clear of fast food establishments where the only vegan options are salads and fries. I like salads and French Fries very much, but I want to patronize restaurants that meet my vegan diet halfway, and Subway does that very nicely.

Burger King is another favorite; their BK Veggie is pretty yummy. I’m also a longtime fan of Taco Bell and, these days I’m even more enamored of Taco del Mar restaurants. In fact most of the fast food Mexican places don’t use lard in their beans. Guacamole and really spicy salsa make up for the lack of cheese and sour cream (and I don’t think any of these restaurants will have vegan cheese or sour cream anytime soon.)

I know a number of vegetarians and other health-minded folks who say they never eat at fast food restaurants. But when I’m out and about—shopping, running errands and feeling a little busy and rushed—I want something that is quick, inexpensive, and tasty. I wouldn’t recommend a full-time diet of fast food restaurants for vegetarians or anyone else, but in moderation they are great, and I love them!