There is great news today for vegans and others who avoid products containing eggs. According to the latest e-newsletter from Vegan Outreach, Boca Foods has pledged to eliminate eggs from all of its foods by the end of this year.

Boca makes a variety of good-for-you meatless products including veggie burgers and entrees. Their decision to eliminate eggs is in response largely to efforts by four organizations: Vegan Outreach, Compassion Over Killing, Mercy for Animals, and the Animal Protection and Rescue League.

While many Boca products are not vegan (some contain cheese), elimination of eggs makes a big difference for farm animals. Egg production on factory farms—including those that are “cage free” –is among the cruelest practices of this industry.

The people at the American Egg Board want you to eat more eggs of course. They say that eggs can help with weight loss because they are good sources of protein. Actually one egg provides only 6 grams of protein. One of Boca’s vegan burgers has 13 grams of protein for just a few more calories. Veggie burgers offer other health-promoting factors, too, like fiber. Whether you are watching your weight or not—no one needs eggs!

If you would like to say “thank you” to the folks at Boca, you can email them at