I made my yummy mushroom strudel yesterday with a few changes. As noted in the comments on that post, I found a whole wheat phyllo at the local food co-op. For this special occasion recipe, I’m perfectly happy to use the refined flour version, but I thought it would be fun to try something new. And my only dinner guest was my husband who, in addition to his other excellent qualities, will eat pretty much anything. I never really have to worry about recipe disasters.

To counteract the somewhat drier aspect of whole grain flour, I replaced the olive oil in my recipe with a combination of olive oil and melted coconut oil—a healthy saturated fat source. I would have used all coconut oil, but I find it to be (surprisingly) bland and thought it needed the added flavor from olive oil.

I did experience a slight cooking crisis at the start of the process when I couldn’t get the first layer of phyllo off the stack without tearing it into many pieces. Apparently, whole wheat phyllo is a bit stickier than the traditional kind. But once I got the feel of it, I was able to peel off tissue paper-thin layers like a pro.

The result was wonderful! The flavor is definitely a little different—somewhat more whole wheaty. But it was flaky and luscious and a big hit at my little dinner party. And also for breakfast this morning.