I’ve been writing in my examiner column about some things to watch for when evaluating vegan nutrition resources. Today I listed my favorite websites for finding reliable information on vegan diet and, for those who don’t read the Seattle Vegan Examiner, I want to reprint them here.

Eating well—both from a culinary standpoint and a health standpoint—is good activism for animals. After all, when studies reveal health problems among vegans, it’s obviously bad for the image of vegan diets. And when vegans make diets needlessly complicated, it makes others view veganism as a chore.

So, when it comes to sources of vegan nutrition information, I’m picky. There are very few websites that I can comfortably recommend. The list below is short, but you can always rely on these sites to provide good nutrition information. In no particular order, these are my top picks for reliable information about vegan diets.


Developed by dietitian Jack Norris, who is also co-founder of Vegan Outreach, this is the most comprehensive overview of information pertaining to vegan health on the internet. Jack includes great background information on all of the topics as well as links to other helpful articles. If you need to know something—it’s here! And it’s 100% reliable.


The Vegetarian Resource Group promotes vegan diet and their materials are almost exclusively oriented toward vegans. This page is an index of articles on a wide variety of topics related to vegan nutrition. Many of them are written by VRG’s nutrition advisor Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, who is among the most knowledgeable and respected vegan nutritionists in the country. She’s also a vegan mom!


This collection of articles was compiled by Winston Craig, PhD, RD, nutrition professor at Andrews University. Dr Craig is also among the most respected and reliable sources of vegan information. He is very well-known among vegan nutritionists. He has written many of these articles himself and also reprints pieces written by other professionals. You’ll find a lot to read here, all of it very interesting! I find myself dipping into his website all of the time.


This is me! I put this site together primarily to help new vegans and those making the transition from lacto-ovo vegetarian to vegan diet. It covers the bare basics—enough to allow you to plan a healthful vegan diet but not a whole lot of background material. Needless to say, I consider it to be reliable information.

Between these four sites, you truly should find everything you need to know about vegan nutrition.