I found so much great vegan stuff on the internet last month that I wanted to do a little round up of my favorite things from July, 2009. (And yes, I know it’s already the end of the first week of August; I blame it on a computer crash earlier this week!)

Here are just a few of the wonderful items that made me laugh or think or want to head straight into the kitchen to cook or out to the street to advocate for animals.

Funny Stuff

From Vance Lehmkuhl, I loved this brilliant video that offers a musical answer to the question: What do you eat, when you don’t eat meat?

In the spirit of The Onion, Edward VII spoofed meat-eating on the veganiseme website

And while my own creativity may be a tad wanting in comparison to these two guys, I’m going to choose to believe that my attempt at chickpea poetry deserves at least an honorable mention.

Good Eats

The internet abounds with fantastic vegan recipes. These three really caught my eye last month:

Chocolate Cake With Avocado Icing from JoyTheBaker

Vegan Deviled Eggs from VeganCrunk

Vegan Omelets from VeganCook 101

Inspiring and Thought-Provoking Posts

Tracy Habenicht guest-blogged on change.org with a post titled: Human Exceptionalism, Exceptionally Arrogant.

Also on change.org, Stephanie Ernst wrote about why Animal Rights Is a Mainstream Movement

Great Activism

This new billboard from Mercy For Animals is attention-grabbing and bound to help people “get it” about farm animals.

Philadelphia Vegan Examiner Ed Coffin shared great tips for leafleting and talking to people about veganism.

In this video, Jon Camp, director of outreach for Vegan Outreach, talks about the value of leafleting and gives a nice little pep talk on how to get started.

From Glenn at Liberation BC, this is a nice succinct review of The Animal Activist’s Handbook

Other News You Can Use

Mary Martin shares ideas for the aspiring vegan author; it’s great advice!

Denver Vegan Examiner Sara Jelley has a list of answers to the question: Why are you vegan?

Early in the month, Terry Sherwood shared a brief to-the-point list of why lacto-ovo vegetarians should take the next step and go vegan:

Judith Kingsbury, the Savvy Vegetarian posted this article on soyfoods by my husband and me that first appeared on VeganHealth.org.

I’m sure I missed hundreds of great items. Anything in particular that you think I should have included?