Here are some of the especially interesting things I saw on the internet in August. Not all exactly vegan, but all related to our work in promoting veganism and animal rights.

Interesting Commentary

Time Magazine looked at the real cost of “cheap food.”

Erik Marcus shared some perspective on the Whole Foods boycott on

Wayne Pacelle commented on the American Veterinary Medical Association and their support of factory farming.

I’m going to cheat and dip into July because I missed this excellent post last month by Judith Kingsbury, the Savvy Vegetarian on why she supports Meatless Monday.

Tracy, from Digging Through The Dirt blog talked about why even those of us who didn’t grow up on a farm recognize cruelty when we see or read about it.


Love this blogpost by Bea Elliott on the weaknesses of one-track activism.

Mercy For Animals released this undercover video of an egg hatchery that became big news. The same group unveiled their fantastic new billboard last month.

Happy Things

If Deb’s photos of rescued animals in this heartwarming blog post don’t put a smile on your face, then nothing will!


Vegancrunk has the best blog roll which lists lots of vegan food blogs I never heard of before. How else would I have known that there was a vegan snorkeler blog?

Here is QuarryGirl’s review of Dr Cow raw cheeses. Can’t wait to try these!


Jack Norris gives the real scoop on vitamin B12 in mushrooms.

Science and Animals

Do chickens suffer in battery cages? Science says yes.