Always slightly behind the curve in the world of social networking, I have finally managed to create a facebook page for this blog and my other vegan projects. If you’re on facebook, please “like” TheVeganRD.  And, while you’re over in that part of the world, don’t forget to “like” Vegan for Life, too.

I’ve also made some changes on Pinterest, where I’ve combined my personal and VeganRD accounts.  So, if you enjoy really decadent vegan recipes, vintage kitchens, vegan knitting, and pictures of adorable cats, please follow me on pinterest.

I also updated my speaking schedule for the rest of this year along with preliminary info for 2013. While traveling and speaking are not my favorite things in the world (I’m more of a sitting on the porch with the cats, a book, and a glass of wine type of person), getting to meet some of my blog readers, and tweeps, and facebook pals always makes it well worth the effort to get on a plane. My husband will be with me at quite a few of these events, too!

And, finally, last week I had the great pleasure of talking with Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House and they were nice enough to include me on their podcast. I talked about some of my favorite things: umami, vitamin B12, why veganism shouldn’t be viewed as a weight loss diet, and whether or not you need to soak your beans. I’m just one part of the podcast which has lots of great vegan news and a review of The Lorax, too. So please have a listen if you have time.

That’s enough about me. I’ll be back soon with a post with some actual nutrition content.