vegan-betrayal-coverPlease take a peek at my new article on the Science Based Medicine website. You may recall that I criticized the website back in July for their review of the book Vegan Betrayal. I hadn’t actually read the book at the time, however. I’ve done so now and I asked them to consider sharing a new review of the book from me. They were kind enough to do so.

Curiously, though, they inserted an editorial comment at the beginning of the article suggesting that my perspective is similar to their own original review of the book. I don’t know—Dr. Harriet Hall who reviewed the book for them claimed that its nutrition information was solid. I say that it’s not based on any evidence whatsoever. It seems like a big difference to me.

My review is long—there is a lot in the book that invites debunking—but I hope you’ll find time to read it and will consider leaving a comment on the Science Based Medicine website.