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Vegan Food for Everyone

On a recent trip to Costco, I found seaweed salad (vegan in my Costco, although in some areas it contains fish sauce), big cheap packages of tofu, little travel packs of hummus, and delectable stuffed grape leaves. I was thrilled to come across these and other vegan goodies. But when I reported my finds on […]

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Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer: Some of My Favorite Reviews

I posted my review of Eating Animals on the examiner site yesterday. I’m so grateful for what I consider to be a brilliant and important book. (And let me just say, as a complete aside, that it also has what is one of my all-time favorite covers!) Jonathan Safran Foer has a unique talent for […]

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Ten Tips for Animal Activists Based on the Life of Henry Spira

In 1973, when Henry Spira was 45, two things happened that sparked his interest in animal rights. A friend gave him a cat (he had no personal relationships with animals until that time) and he met Peter Singer. It was a turning point that gave way to full-time activism on behalf of animals. Ethics Into […]

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