If you’re reading this on the web, you’ll see that TheVeganRD has received a long overdue redesign. A big thank you to web designer Chad Smalley (who also happens to be a bassist and singer with Houston band Blaggards and is a vegan. Chad was great to work with and never even batted an eye (at least I don’t think he did) when I said that my taste in design runs toward “cozy vintage.” I think he did an amazing job.

In celebration of my brand new look, I want to start expanding the nutrition primers on this site. In particular, I’ve lately had a lot of questions about bone health. They have come mostly from vegan women who have experienced a fracture or been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

It doesn’t mean that vegans are at higher risk for poor bone health. But some vegans may not be making optimal choices for keeping bones strong.  This is due in part to that thing I complain about all of the time – bad information in the vegan sphere. In particular, many popular vegan resources continue to suggest that vegans have an advantage regarding bone health because we eat less protein than omnivores. In fact, that’s probably a disadvantage. We also need to give some attention to vitamin B12 and vitamin D, and of course, to calcium. For guidelines on how to keep bones strong, no matter your age or gender, please see my new primer Protecting Bone Health on a Vegan Diet.