photo credit: Can Stock Photo/ftlaudgirl

Despite media pieces aimed at discrediting vegan diets for kids, vegan children clearly can thrive when they have appropriate diets. For a project I’m working on, I’m hoping to learn more about the experiences of people who are raising vegan children or are in the process of transitioning their family to a vegan diet.

What kind of challenges have you faced as a vegan parent regarding nutrition and food choices? Which foods are especially important in your family meals to help your kids meet nutrient needs. Have there been any issues regarding school or social situations? How do you talk to your kids about why the family is vegan, and what is their response? What are their favorite foods?

Anything you’d like to share would be helpful . You can do so publicly in the comments below or on facebook, or you can share your story with me privately through the contact form (or send me an email if you’re an email subscriber). Thank you for helping me spread the word about the safety of vegan diets for children.