Vegan Diets Are Safe for Children

preschooler eating pastaLast week, the Wall Street Journal reported about a preschool in Jersey City, NJ that offers only vegan food. The article kind of made me cringe. It made veganism look like a somewhat nutty, somewhat elitist diet that denies kids cupcakes at birthday parties.

But at the very least, it didn’t question the safety of vegan diets. An article in Slate magazine did question it, though. Science writer Melinda Wenner Moyer said that she “couldn’t help but wonder: Can kids actually get the nutrients they need on a […]

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Why Do Some People Fail at Being Vegan?

Photo courtesy of Humane Research Council Photo courtesy of Humane Research Council

It’s no secret that many people give veganism a try only to quickly abandon it. But the findings from last month’s Humane Research Council survey were especially sobering.

According to their study, a cross-sectional survey of 11,400 U.S. adults, nearly three-quarters—70% to be exact—of those who have tried a vegan diet end up abandoning it. The numbers are even higher for vegetarians. Alarmingly, the survey found that there were five times more ex-vegetarians/vegans than current vegetarians/vegans.

Now this is a […]

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Vegan Food Guide

Thank you to both Erik Marcus and Elaine Vigneault for posting links to my vegan food guide this week. I assume that everyone who reads this blog reads theirs as well, and so you’ve probably already seen the guide. If not, you can take a peek here.   

No food guide is absolutely perfect or foolproof but I hope this will be useful in directing new vegans and others toward […]

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